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(posted on 30 May 2014)

I've been finishing paintings that weren't quite done, painting the edges of those that are, deciding on titles and location in my home for my work and shopping for a variety of things this week. This morning, I woke up at 5 and painted for four hours and started and finished a little painting of Prague! It must have been the delicious coffee, the silence and the beautiful memories of my favourite city that allowed this to happen. A Good Day!

Off to deliver some work to the Wall Space Gallery for the Vernissage next Wednesday and the Tour next weekend.

(posted on 5 Dec 2013)

After a few weeks of focusing on administrationb because of my solo show at Shenkman's AOE gallery (on until January 9th, 2014) and on my Saturday morning classes, I finally sat down (stood up actually) and painted today. What a thrill! If sometimes forget how completely happy it makes me.

I reworked an old painting of the entranceway to Little Golden Street in Prague (also called Alchemist's Lane), one of my favourite subjects over the years and I began a tiny wide and narrow painting of the Charles Bridge and surroundings. Can't wait to keep working on that once a late and dull dinner are made. When I paint, I neglect other things. Luckily my husband seems to be ok with this. : )

(posted on 30 Sep 2013)

I'm working on a painting of a clock on 5th Ave. in New York City. It's a small painting but it's going to be a good one! Loving the purples and the wet look of the street at night. Ah, street lights and lights glowing in the darkness. Why do I love this so much?! I think it's because there's mystery and hope in it: people living and going about their evening in shops and in their apartments even when outside on a bleak night, things are kind of quiet.

Just finished a wide and narrow "marine scene" of the docks in Monterey, Calif. It was a foggy day and I love the greys and blues. It's moody and calm. Happy. Will post pics soon.

Take a look at these awesome creations by my students this summer: acrylic paintings, mosaics, and watercolour studies of a street in perspective. The self portraits and portrait sketches are really wonderful!

(posted on 29 Jul 2013)

What a great day! Today was the first day of The Windflower Summer Art Camp 2013 and it was so much fun! : nine children; papier mache rocket ships, turtles, ladybugs, and snails; expressionist paintings of giraffes and armadillos; tiny textured works of art; and everyone was happy.

The Orleans Art Studio Tour during the second weekend of June was a wonderful success with almost 200 visitors passing through my home. I sold some work, recieved a few commissions, and best of all, am now represented by the wonderful Wall Space Gallery here in Orleans. Go to their website to see the paintings I have exhibited at the gallery.

(posted on 13 Jun 2012)

"In his book, Painting and Reality, the Thomist Etienne Gilson says that each work of art is a new created being. This is precisely so. Although it is not conscious, organic being, it has presence. It has identity. It occupies space. It is unrepeatable. It pushes back the darkness by simply being there. And according to its fidelity to reality (implicitly or explicitly) it expands the realm of light by the authority of its word." - Michael O'Brien

It has been a busy month, culminating in a fun and extremely successful studio tour this last weekend. Between Il Primo and the Tour, I sold 11 paintings over only two days! Most of all I loved meeting all the people who came through our studio and who had a genuine interest in art and wanted to chat about my work. Some were artists too and that is always a welcome conversation in that, as artists, we think alike in many ways and share our passion for painting and creating even if our styles and mediums are different. I loved the interest of young people who love art and are still hesitant about how to go about becoming an artist. I tried to be very encouraging and to share ideas that have changed my way of painting and creating for the better.

I will spend the coming year preparing for next June's tour and also taking commissions as they come. Speaking of which, I must begin a small work commissioned as a farewell gift: it is going to be of a fruit tree with a brightly coloured bird sitting in its branches. I'll use some gel medium but not too thickly. Lighter colours than usual. Will let you know how it turns out!

(posted on 11 May 2012)

I've been working on a new New York painting for a few days now and working from two photos I took in a Greenwich Village restaurant. I love what's happening but it's making me nervous because it's a bit different from what I've been focusing on for the last year. This painting is long and narrow, measuring 20 x 40 inches (my favourite canvas size these days) and it's the first time in many many years, maybe even 17 years I would say, that I am including real portraits as an important part of a painting.

There are five people in the image: four women sitting at a bar and a bartender standing behind it but the perspective of the composition comes from across and behind the bar, where I was sitting: more or less from the bartender's perspective. I was thinking of removing one of the women but this might weaken the composition so I probably won't. Because of the scale of it all, their faces are large enough that I'm actually painting their portraits. (That's the scary part!) It's so neat to get back to that. I never really know how each person's face will turn out but so far, even though none of them are finished, I'm pretty happy with them. As usual, I'm struggling with my dark underpainting taking over and remaining prominent in what I had hoped would be an almost-finished portrait. We'll see. I also don't want too much detail and to some extent I do like the dark lines coming through. It's how I seem to paint everything.

My favourite part of the painting is and will probably remain the right third of the image: the back-lit, sun-lit bar filled with rows of glasses and wine bottles and plenty of bottles of Scotch right in the front row of it all. I just LOVE how light reflects and moves through glass. I am able to find so many different colours in this area and I'm just loving popping hints of all of those colours (even plenty that really aren't there but they're exciting to put in) in among the bottles.

Back to work! I have taken a few photos with my cell phone (very poor camera in it) of this work in progress.

And here it is, done!

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