Adele Pierce - Artist
A thing of beauty is a joy forever - John Keats


(posted on 5 Dec 2013)

After a few weeks of focusing on administrationb because of my solo show at Shenkman's AOE gallery (on until January 9th, 2014) and on my Saturday morning classes, I finally sat down (stood up actually) and painted today. What a thrill! If sometimes forget how completely happy it makes me.

I reworked an old painting of the entranceway to Little Golden Street in Prague (also called Alchemist's Lane), one of my favourite subjects over the years and I began a tiny wide and narrow painting of the Charles Bridge and surroundings. Can't wait to keep working on that once a late and dull dinner are made. When I paint, I neglect other things. Luckily my husband seems to be ok with this. : )