Adele Pierce - Artist
A thing of beauty is a joy forever - John Keats


(posted on 13 Jun 2012)

"In his book, Painting and Reality, the Thomist Etienne Gilson says that each work of art is a new created being. This is precisely so. Although it is not conscious, organic being, it has presence. It has identity. It occupies space. It is unrepeatable. It pushes back the darkness by simply being there. And according to its fidelity to reality (implicitly or explicitly) it expands the realm of light by the authority of its word." - Michael O'Brien

It has been a busy month, culminating in a fun and extremely successful studio tour this last weekend. Between Il Primo and the Tour, I sold 11 paintings over only two days! Most of all I loved meeting all the people who came through our studio and who had a genuine interest in art and wanted to chat about my work. Some were artists too and that is always a welcome conversation in that, as artists, we think alike in many ways and share our passion for painting and creating even if our styles and mediums are different. I loved the interest of young people who love art and are still hesitant about how to go about becoming an artist. I tried to be very encouraging and to share ideas that have changed my way of painting and creating for the better.

I will spend the coming year preparing for next June's tour and also taking commissions as they come. Speaking of which, I must begin a small work commissioned as a farewell gift: it is going to be of a fruit tree with a brightly coloured bird sitting in its branches. I'll use some gel medium but not too thickly. Lighter colours than usual. Will let you know how it turns out!